1. Register in Toldo app as user.
  2. Register as podcaster with the same email HERE.
    • Why we need your data:
      • RSS - to confirm your podcaster identity
      • Invoice data - to issue invoices. We will prepare one summary invoice at the end of each month, for all subscribtions sold.
      • IBAN - to send you the funds collected from your fans
  3. Approval process by Toldo - usually within 24 hours.
  4. After your podcaster account approval, logout from app and login to app again, to activate pocaster features.


Donation title and description

In podcaster registration fill the texts that will occur after the donation button is tapped. We are currently supporting only 5€ donation.

Fill also subscription title, description and subscription amount. We are currently supporting only one Tier.

Create posts

Hit the + button on your profile page, or newsfeed to create your first post.


To create posts you can use also the web portal HERE.

Create posts

  1. Add post heading and content of the post.
  2. Choose wheather it is a paid premium post.
  3. Add your media (photo, video, audio).
  4. Save the post.


Premium membership

opens paid posts



podcaster support without paid post opening

Share app download link

Share link to download app from AppStore, or Google Play Store:


  1. Login to your podcaster account on PC:​
  2. A dashboard will open, where you will see the number of subscribers and you can edit also podcast info
  3. Link for dashboard:

Toldo Guidelines

  1. Don't forget to send your fans to Toldo app, where they will find RSS episodes and all extra posts.
  2. Add free and paid posts regulary.
  3. You can add Ads free episodes as a paid post.
  4. Any ideas? Just send us email at